Centro Terapéutico Javea

Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

Welcome to our Centre! We are a clinic for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Massage, Acupuncture and TCM. Just a 5 minute walk of the beautiful beaches of the Arenal area of Javea is where you can find us. Whether your problem is chronic or acute, don´t hesitate to contact us. We can often find the right treatment for you. If you suffer from: herniated discs, back problems, lumbago, sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, a torn muscle, tendinitis, osteo arthritis, a sprain to the knee or ankle, if you are looking for rehab after surgery, you are at the right place.

Besides physiotherapy for musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, we also offer sports massages, relaxation massages, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have many years of experience and are registered with the Board of Physiotherapy of Valencia.

Please see our Services page for more information about what we have to offer, or call now 966462469.

Centro Terapéutico Javea

Maximizing Movement

Often, an injury or illness comes with limited movement, whether it is of musculo-skeletal cause, or due to a neurological condition. We help you learn to work with your body to restore mobility through concentrated, specialized exercises and stretches. Our patients typically find their movement is restored without needing surgery.

Let us help you with your recovery